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nn is a menu based (point and shoot) netnews reader with a complete set of features to satisfy both the expert and the novice user. Since its first release in Denmark in 1984 (!), in Europe in 1988, and the global release in June 1989, it has replaced rn and other well-known news readers at many sites.

Some of the key features of nn are:
* Menu-based article selection prior to reading the articles, with the articles sorted according to subject and posting time. This significantly reduces the time spent on news reading. No keystrokes are wasted on articles you don't want to read, and only the articles selected on the menu will be read.
* Uses standard .newsrc, and can leave individual articles unread.
* Digests are automatically split and presented as ordinary articles! You can transparently save and respond to individual sub-articles.
* Full folder support: read, save, and delete individual articles.
* Online help and manual.
* Built-in unshar and patch functions.
* Built-in uudecode function which will automatically unpack, concatenate, and decode multi-part postings.
* Easy remapping of keys with advanced macro definition features.
* Automatic kill & selection of articles based on subject or author.
* User specified presentation sequence of news groups based on the news group hierarchy.
* Whole classes of news groups can easily be unsubscribed permanently, e.g., talk.all and all.politics
* Related groups can be merged and presented as a single group, e.g. comp.emacs and all gnu.emacs groups.

nn will compile and run on nearly any UNIX (or UNIX-like) OS. Supported OSs include Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, HP-UX, Tru64, linux, and many others.

Download the latest version of nn:

If you're already running nn-6.7.2, you can just grab the patch

Its README file is here

Current status:
nn-6.7.3 has been released.
nn-6.6.x will no longer be updated as everyone should now be running nn-6.7.3.
Binary packages for some OSs will be available shortly.

nn was originally written by Kim F. Storm

The FAQ is currently being maintained by Sascha Geschwandtner

Some useful links:

Nancy McGough has written a rather useful set of intros for nn:

as well as the wonderful Getting Started with News and the NN News Reader

Other current projects:
hdunix can be found here.
My personal webpage.